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Fiberglass sleevings

Silicone fiberglass sleevings - fiberglass is coated with a silicone resin. Depending on the amount of resin deposited on the fiberglass were prepared insulations for different voltages. Available in three standard voltage: 1500V (GVES1500); 2500V (GVES2500); 4000V (GVES4000). The thermal treatment and the special resins used for this item give the material a very good softness and elasticity, excellent high temperature resistance and good dielectric strength.

Brick red is the standard color.

Other colors on request.(black, red, green, blue, etc.)

Thermal Class: C

Usage temperature -60°C +250°C. Short time peaks at +290°C.

Silicone fiberglass sleevings - type GVES  

Polyurethane fiberglass sleevings - high quality fiberglass sleevings and polyurethane.

POL4 is an insulating polyurethane fiberglass sleeving made of fiberglass coated with polyurethane resin.

This product is designed to operate at high temperatures (Thermal Class F - 155 ° C, short time peaks at 185 °C) and in conditions of high mechanical stress (e.g. as insulating coating on the connecting pins between enameled wire and cable in electric motors).

Thermal Class: F

Usage temperature -30°C +155°C. За кратък период издържат до +185°C.

Breakdown voltage - 4 000 V 

Dark yellow is the standard color.

  Polyurethane fiberdlass sleeving - type POL4 

   Polyurethane fiberdlass sleeving - type POL4x2 

The AC2 series sleevings is glass fiber coated with an acrylic paint layer. This material belongs to the thermal class F (155 ° C). It is extremely suitable and has great abrasion resistance. AC2 has thermal and electrical characteristics very similar to  POL4, of which it differs mainly from being much softer.

Usage temperature -30°C +155°C. Short time peacks at +180°C.

Breakdown voltage - 3000 V 

Yellow is the standard colour, other colours on request.

  Acrylic fiberglass sleevings 

НТ is fiberglass sleevings, made of braided filaments of fiberglass, treated at a high temperature for forming it; after that is impregnated with light resin in order to get mechanical resistance. It is mainly used as mechanical protection in the field of cabling and electric motors, transformers.

Thermal Class: C 

Usage temperature -30°C +250°C. Short time peaks at +320°C

Black is the standard color, other colors on request.

HT - Protected fiberglass