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Insulating materials for transformers

Insulating materials for electric motors

Varnishes and resins

Composite materials

Cables and wires

Thermal and current protectors

Capacitors and Circuit breakers


Fans and fan covers

Shaft keys

Connectors, terminals and terminal boards

Terminals and capacitors boxes and nozzles

Bearing springs, spacer bearing washers and semerings

Banding and textile tapes, cords, fleece


Fiberglass sleevings and tubings

Supporting ropes for antennas and electric supply grids

Friction materials for brakes (like Ferodo)

Aluminum components for electrical motors

Stator-rotor packages for asynchronous electric motors

Blocked slots for channel isolation

Traffic lights

Machines and tools

Other materials


The display counts countdown duration of the light signals of the traffic lights. The display of countdown modules is connected to the linked vehicular or pedestrian traffic lights, and gives drivers and pedestrians clearly and legibly information on remaining time when used.

  • High brightness thanks to Led optical system.
  • Strong and reliable, inserted in traffic lights modules diam. 200 and 300 mm.
  • Easy to install.
  • Microprocessor based.
  • Self-learning of times to be displayed with connection in parallel to the traffic lights; it can be used as a display for figures with communication through serial port.
  • Red and green or Amber in the same device.
  • Useful to avoid false starts of drivers, reducing the risk of car accidents.
  • It gives an important information on remaining time when used on pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic light.

  Countdown Display with a diameter of 200 and 300 mm