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Insulating materials for transformers

Insulating materials for electric motors

Varnishes and resins

Composite materials

Cables and wires

Thermal and current protectors

Capacitors and Circuit breakers


Fans and fan covers

Shaft keys

Connectors, terminals and terminal boards

Terminals and capacitors boxes and nozzles

Bearing springs, spacer bearing washers and semerings

Banding and textile tapes, cords, fleece


Fiberglass sleevings and tubings

Supporting ropes for antennas and electric supply grids

Friction materials for brakes (like Ferodo)

Aluminum components for electrical motors

Stator-rotor packages for asynchronous electric motors

Blocked slots for channel isolation

Traffic lights

Machines and tools

Other materials

Banding tapes - different types
Banding tapes are used in the cable industry, in the production and repair of electric motors, transformers, etc.

High-voltage insulation tape - for insulation and outer sheathing of couplings and power cables up to 40 kV/mm.

Textile insulation tape  - sound insulating adhesive tape with main application for insulation of cables in the vehicles.

Thermosetting polyester tape - synthetic fiber with high strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance, flexibility.

PVC tapes low voltage  - PVC tapes low voltage.

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