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Insulating materials for transformers

Insulating materials for electric motors

Varnishes and resins

Composite materials

Cables and wires

Thermal and current protectors

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Fans and fan covers

Shaft keys

Connectors, terminals and terminal boards

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Other materials

a) Flat wire
b) Conductor insulation
c) Products for stack consolidation
d1) Main wall insulation VPI mica tapes
d2) Main wall insulation RR tape (Resin Rich)
e) Finishing or sealing tapes
f1) Conductive and semi-conductive tapes
f2) Conductive or semi-conductive varnishe
g) Bracing materials (spacers)
h) Slot wedging materials
The quality of production and repair of electrical machines is very much determined by the quality of electrical insulation.
SIBEL Ltd. offers the high-quality insulation materials of the world leader in electrical insulation – the concern VON ROLL – Switzerland.
The RESIN RICH system is the most widely used for the production and repair of HV motor sections. The electric insulating material used contains a relatively high percentage (about 40%) of thermosetting resin, which is simultaneously pressed and baked in special presses. It does not need to be further impregnated with resin.
The main advantages of the RESIN RICH insulation system are the following:

  • Use of modern insulation materials.
  • Automatic placement of insulation.
  • Thermal insulation class - class F.
  • High insulation breakdown voltage - over 50 KV/mm.
  • Low water absorption of the system - practically absent.
  • Small dielectric losses.
  • Low cost of repairs.
  • Not very complex process and equipment.
  • Mica based insulation for high partial discharge resistance.
Main advantage is repairability, i.e. any damaged section can be removed from the stator side and a new one can be r eplaced, with minimum cost of repair.

  Modern insulation materials that fulfill the specific requirements applicable to the RESIN RICH system:
Large_Generators_photo_1_page-0001.jpg /1275x1650/
  Insulating Systems for Large Generators

Samicatherm 366.28  Mica tape for main wall insulation.

Samicafilm 315.14  – Mica tape for conductor insulation.

Isomica 326.02-01 – Mica tape for main overhangs insulation.

Samicaflex 366.18 – Mica tape for main overhangs insulation class Н and С.

Myosam 315.02 – Mica tape for ground insulation.

Еpoflex 215.01 – External reinforcement tape for mechanical protection.

Release foil 105.20-01 – Release foil disposable.

CoronaShield 8001 – Semi-conductive varnish for end corona protection.

CoronaShield 8003 – Conductive varnish for end corona protection.

CoronaShield SC 217.02 – Semi-conductive tape for end corona protection.

CoronaShield SC 215.51-03 – Conductve tape for end corona protection.

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