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About us

SIBEL Ltd. was founded in 1994. Since then we have been developing the business with materials and components and machines for the electrotechnical industry especially for the production of electric motors, transformers and electronics. Our company follows a long-lasting tradition left by the founders who dedicated their lives to the electrotechnics and the foreign trade with elctrotechnical goods.
SIBEL Ltd. distributes on the Bulgarian market the goods of several leading European producers of materials and components for the electrotechnical industry.

Our suppliers are the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech materials for the electrotechnical industry.

SIBEL Ltd. distributes on the Bulgarian market the high quality insulation materials of the global leader in electrical insulation – the company VON ROLL – Switzerland:

    Mica thermal insulation tapes and complete solutions for Resin Rich and VPI processes.
    Composites and fiberglass for thermal, electrical insulation and ballistic protection.
    High voltage insulation systems for generators, motors, transformers.
    Impregnating electrical insulating varnishes, resins and compounds.
    Adhesive tapes for electrical insulation Isotape ®.
    Electrical insulation systems for wind turbines.
    Wires - enameled with or without glass, PET or mica insulated.
    Electrical insulation systems for traction motors.
    Insulating materials for transformers and induction devices.
    Materials for thermal protection.
    Low voltage insulation materials - for electric motors, transformers, electronics.

We are partners for Bulgaria of the company WEIDMANN – Switzerland, the leading global manufacturer of transformerboard, electrical insulating papers and materials for oil transformers.
SIBEL Ltd. is distributing in Bulgaria the products of THERMIK - Germany, a leading global manufacturer of thermal protection - with bimetallic plate and thermistors.

SIBEL Ltd. offers semiconductor elements used mainly for voltage protection in printed circuit boards, power supplies and lightning protection - varistors.

SIBEL Ltd. supplies in Bulgaria the products of  DUCATI ENERGIA – Italy, a leading European manufacturer of capacitors for electric motors, capacitors for lamps, batteries for compensation of reactive energy.

We also offer high quality cable Radox of the company HUBER + SUHNER – Switzerland, supplier of cables, components and systems for electrical and optical connection for the telecommunications, transport and industrial markets.

We offer quality cable terminals and protection capsules made in Italy.We have quantities on stock of the most searched items.We also offer automatic crimping machines for cable terminals.

We offer different types of terminal boards made in Italy. They are made of self-extinguishing insulating material, having excellent mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties.

Pins (studs) and associated nuts, washers, bridges are made of brass, making the terminal boards suitable for use in aggressive environments. Terminal boards are certified according to European standards – EN, VDE, as well the American UL.

We offer different thicknesses of friction materials for brakes with high technical performance and excellent wear resistance. Materials of the type 34GF - 34GR/2 - EFF - KWB/1 are manufactured in the form of plates and strips of different thicknesses.

We keep quantities on stock aluminum covers and parts, shaft keys, fan blades and covers, terminal boxes, nozzles, seals, for the manufacture or repair of electric motors.

SIBEL Ltd. offers high quality embossing machines for metal plates for electric motors, fire doors and doors for mechanical engineering.

We believe that quality products and services can be implemented only with quality materials and that the right way for Bulgaria goes through high quality, not the lowest price.
We look forward to working with you and thank you for keeping alive the tradition of Bulgarian electrical engineering that we can only be proud of.
SIBEL Ltd. is ISO 9001 certified and an integral part of our Quality system is our policy on the so-called “Conflict Minerals”, which you can download HERE.



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