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Insulating materials for transformers

Insulating materials for electric motors

Varnishes and resins

Composite materials

Cables and wires

Thermal and current protectors

Capacitors and Circuit breakers


Fans and fan covers

Shaft keys

Connectors, terminals and terminal boards

Terminals and capacitors boxes and nozzles

Bearing springs, spacer bearing washers and semerings

Banding and textile tapes, cords, fleece


Fiberglass sleevings and tubings

Supporting ropes for antennas and electric supply grids

Friction materials for brakes (like Ferodo)

Aluminum components for electrical motors

Stator-rotor packages for asynchronous electric motors

Blocked slots for channel isolation

Traffic lights

Machines and tools

Other materials


  • Polyester resins  for impregnation with reactors
  Dolphon CC-1080L - polyester resin  with reactor -  filled and resilient, specially developed  to block the coil windings on the commutator area in DC motors, electrical tools, for electrical appliances, stators of electrical motors. Suitable for trickling and dipping. Short curing cycle. UL certified. Thermal class Н.

Dolphon CC-1096 - polyester resin with reactor formulated specifically for the impregnation of automotive, appliance and power tools armatures, and electric motor stators. It is suitable for the trickle and roll-through impregnation systems. Low viscosity. Recommended for impregnation of small motors and appliances. High bond strength at elevated temperatures . UL certified. Thermal class Н.

  • Mono-component polyester resins for impregnation with 100% solid content
Dolphon CC-1080LV - unsaturated, one-component polyester resin with 100% solid content. Suitable for dip and bake applications at atmospheric pressure as well as vacuum impregnation, of electric motors and transformers. Low viscosity and short curing cycle. Thermal class Н.

Dolphon CC-1105LV - mono-component polyester resin with low viscosity developed for dipping, vacuum and conveyor applications without preheating the units. UL certified. Thermal class Н.

Dolphon XL-2102 - a one-component, 100% solid polyester resin, specially developed for dipping impregnation, both in open tanks and vacuum chambers. “Green” product with very low odor and free of dangerous substances. Low viscosity. UL certified. Thermal class Н.
  • Mono-component epoxy resins for impregnation with 100% solid content
  Dolphon CC-1180 LoV  one-component epoxy resin for impregnation. Low viscosity, good penetration. Suitable for dipping and vacuum impregnation. Suitable for LV and MV rotating motors. UL certified. Thermal class Н.

  • Polyesterimide resin for impregnation with 100% solid content

Damisol 3630 HTP 300  – One component unsaturated polyesterimide resin. Absolutely “green” product – no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and no risk for the staff or the environment. Suitable for impregnation by dipping or vacuum of electric motors with medium and high voltage. Thermal class C. UL certified.

  • Silicon resin for impregnation

Damisol 3551 - is a solventless silicone resin based on phenylmethylvinylhydrogenpolysiloxan with built-in catalyst. Damisol 3551 is a clear thermosetting impregnation resin with excellent thermal properties. Especially suitable for traction motors and transformers. Thermal class - 220°C.


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