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Insulating materials for transformers

Insulating materials for electric motors

Varnishes and resins

Composite materials

Cables and wires

Thermal and current protectors

Capacitors and Circuit breakers


Fans and fan covers

Shaft keys

Connectors, terminals and terminal boards

Terminals and capacitors boxes and nozzles

Bearing springs, spacer bearing washers and semerings

Banding and textile tapes, cords, fleece


Fiberglass sleevings and tubings

Supporting ropes for antennas and electric supply grids

Friction materials for brakes (like Ferodo)

Aluminum components for electrical motors

Stator-rotor packages for asynchronous electric motors

Blocked slots for channel isolation

Traffic lights

Machines and tools

Other materials


  • Polyester varnishes with solvent
Hi Therm BC-325 - Clear phenolic-based varnish modified with polyester resin. Thermal class С (200°С). Very smooth surface, on which the dust does not adhere. UL certified.

Hi Therm BC - 346 A - Clear modified polyester based Baking Varnish. Temperature class H, certified acc. UL and military standards  MIL-V-1137A, grade CB, type M and MIL-I-24092, type M. Compatible with the Amide-Imide type wire enamels.

Hi-Therm BC-359 - Universal baking varnish, specifically developed to provide  fast cure at lower temperature (saving energy), or an ultra –fast cure at higher temperature (saving time). UL certified, thermal class H.

  • Waterborn varnish
Aqua Therm BC-365 LTC - water thinnable insulating varnish. No COV emissions. Practically not burning. Very suitable for impregnatin small and middle size electric motors. UL certified, thermal class H. Low temperature of curing.

  • Epoxy-phenolic varnish (Freon resistance)
Epoxal 9009/C - epoxy-phenolic varnish class H suitable for use on hermetic stators. High mechanical and chemical resistance including against Freon.

  • Silicon based impregnation varnish

  Damisol 2101 B - Transparent green/blue varnish, thermosetting  based on silicon resin for dipping or vacuum impregnation. High temperature class - 200°С, it is a flexible after curing.

Suitable for products which for a short time can reach temperatures up to 250°C. High thermal strength after curing. Type TL 200 W according  DIN 46456.


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