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Machines and tools


Sibel Ltd. offers specialized machines and tools with guaranteed quality, suitable for professional use. With us you will find:

  • crimping machines

The crimping machine we offer is an electromechanical press, which consists of a monolithic cast iron structure, thus providing sufficient rigidity, combined with compactness and maintaining dimensional accuracy when crimping. A tool suitable for a certain type of terminal is mounted on it.

  • machines for metal plates

The electromechanical plate printing machine model Metallino C320 provides an average volume when printing metal plates. Thanks to its compact design, this machine saves space. The plates it produces are embossed and are suitable for applications where reading the plate is required even after burning the product - cars, fire doors, electric motors and more.

  • wire cleaning machines

If you are looking for a practical solution for cleaning wires that are enameled, we offer you the ISOLEX machine. It is an effective solution for manufacturers of electric motors and transformers.

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