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Cables and wires



Sibel Ltd. offers special cables with application in industry and transport.

We are distributors of Huber + Suhner - Switzerland, the world's leading manufacturer of traction cables and cables with application in railways sector. In addition, Huber + Suhner manufactures Radox-insulated cables based on polyolefin polymerized using X-rays. Unlike cables with insulating material based on PVC, rubber or silicone, this technology combines high thermal resistance (up to class 155 ° C) and high mechanical strength of the insulation to ensure safety in use. These cables are for industrial applications in electrical engineering and electronics.

Huber + Suhner produces various types of special cables, suitable for different areas and activities according to their individual characteristics.

Among them are:

  • low-frequency cables with high temperature class, without halogens, with high wear resistance and application in transport, electric motors, electronics and industry, with compliance with various world standards.
  • RF (HF) cables and connectors with extremely low signal attenuation and distortion
  • optical cables - as a modern analogue of coaxial cables, optical cables include a number of advantages for faster transmission of large amounts of information over long distances.
  • high voltage cables that withstand high temperatures, high voltage and aggressive environments.

How to recognize quality and make the best choice?

In the variety and wide range of cables, often it is difficult to find out what is best solution for the specific application. That is why we at Sibel Ltd. are committed to sharing our experience to make your choice.

With us you will find high quality products at reasonable prices. We offer only high-quality materials of world leading producers. Our advice is not making compromises about the quality of the materials. A quality product is made only from quality materials.


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