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Connectors, terminals and terminal boards


Terminal boards are connectors for connecting cables. The terminal boards have metal studs on which the cable terminals are screwed. Terminal boards are very useful for quick cable connections when semi-permanent connections are required, which may require inspections, wiring r eplacement, repair and r eplacement. That is why terminal boards are extremely common in domestic installations and industrial environments.

We high quality terminal boards of Italian origin.

The boards are made of innovative self-extinguishing electrical insulating material, which has high mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties. The studs and all connecting fasteners (nuts, bridges, etc.) are made of brass. It has good conductivity and is resistant to corrosion. This makes the terminal boards suitable for use in aggressive environments.

The terminal boards we offer complies with European and American standards (EN, VDE and UL).

We also offer various and high-quality fast-on and other cable terminals and capsules for insulation of terminals. All frequently used items are available in our warehouse and can be delivered immediately.

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