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Composite materials


Von Roll offers a wide range of composite materials, available in various forms: flexible or rigid, in sheets and plates, pipes, rods and machined parts. Composite materials are laminates made from a complex of 2 materials: rigid reinforcement / base and resin, using high or low-pressure technology for bonding. For the base / reinforcement is used - glass, cotton, paper, aramid or mica, and the resin can be epoxy, polyester, phenolic or other. The base can be in the form of fabric, fibers, mat, etc. According to the types of base and resin, many different composite materials with different properties are produced.

VON ROLL is a leading global manufacturer of composite materials, which sells under the brands Vetronit®, Polyfibrit®, Durapol®, Delmat®, Vetroferrit®, Pamitherm®.


The most commonly used composite materials are glass-based laminates. They have a wide range of industrial, electrical and thermal applications. They are produced under high and low pressure. Among the high-pressure fiberglass, the most popular is type G11, which is based on glass-fabric and epoxy resin. It is used for wedges for high-voltage rotating electrical machines and electrical applications, where high strength of the material is required, reaching a temperature class H> 180 ° С. VON ROLL offers this type of composite under the Vetronit® brand. Low pressure glass laminates is based on glass mat or glass fibers and polyester or epoxy resin. Among low-pressure glass laminates, the most commonly used type is GPO-3, which is based on glass fibers and polyester resin. It is easily machined. This type of VON ROLL products are branded Delmat® and Durapol® and are temperature class F = 155 ° С.

These are are composite materials based on cotton and phenolic or epoxy resins. They are easy to machine and economical. They are very resistant to abrasion and have very low water absorption. This type of VON ROLL products have the Canevasite® brand. Their temperature class is 120 ° С.

These are composite materials based on special paper and phenolic or epoxy resins. Although they are economical, they have good mechanical and electrical insulating properties and are widely used in the production of oil transformers and electrical applications, where no higher temperature class than 120 ° C is required. VON ROLL offers high quality paper laminates under the Dellit® brand.

These are composite materials are based on resin and muscovite or phlogopite mica. As a world leader in the production of mica insulation, VON ROLL offers a wide range of mica based laminates under the brands Samicanite®, Miglasil®, and Pamitherm®. They are widely used for electrical and thermal insulation in electrical machines, household appliances, induction ovens, automotive industry. There is no better insulating material in nature than mica. It allows with thin layers to achieve a great insulating effect. For many applications, mica have no alternative. Mica based laminates have the highest temperature class among all insulation materials - from 450 to 1200 ° C.

Types of special composite materials:

  - composite materials with a special shape
  - special purpose composite materials

Composite materials with a special shape
These are specially manufactured pipes, rods, corrugated plates or machined bolts, nuts or other fasteners made from composite materials. They are generally used where metal parts are not allowed.

Conductive composite materials
Glass laminates manufactured in accordance with special standards. Conductive fillers are added. It is mainly used for ripple springs between the windings and the wall of the stator slot of large high-voltage electric motors and generators. Simultaneously serves as a mechanical support and protection against corona discharge.

CDM ESD fiberglass for wave soldering frames
These are special high-temperature and abrasion-resistant glass-laminates that can withstand thousands of cycles of contact with molten solder. In most cases, they are of the ESD type (they do not retain dielectric charges), which makes them safe for the elements of the PCBs during the soldering process.

Laminates with high mechanical strength
They are glass-laminates most often used for Doctor Blades in the paper industry.

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